Zip Instantaneous Hot Water

The most important advance in hot water since electricity.
Hot water on demand from electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters for single or multi-point applications.

Far more energy efficient.
Totally obsoletes outdated power-hungry storage hot water systems.

Far simpler and safer to use.
No time is wasted waiting for water to flow at the selected temperature.

Far simpler and easier to install.
Eliminates the cost of installing reticulated hot water as well as cold.
Wall-mounted unit is easy to install and access, uses no floor space.

German engineering backed by Zip support.
Made to Zip specifications by the world leader in instantaneous hot water.
Supported by Zip national service network.

Twelve months full parts and labour warranty.

Zip Industries

Millions of people make daily use of Zip instant boiling water systems - in homes, hospitals, schools, offices and factories in more than 60 countries....
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