EchoPanel Mura Jaali

In collaboration with Rivet Design Studio, Woven Image has developed EchoPanel Mura Jaali.

Rivet Design Studio are a well-known company based in Bangalore, India, who create branding solutions including identity, experience and communication. Rivet Design Studio believe "Design is about making things clearer, simpler and more consistent. Design makes things look better, feel better, work better, sound better. Design is about delivering a lasting impression."

EchoPanel Mura Jaali encompasses this philosophy whilst being inspired by historical "Jaali", which is a unique style of perforated stone or latticed screen often found in Indian architecture. The Jaali design instils a modern take on a classic tradition by creating a clever irregular pattern that flows across the substrate.

EchoPanel Mura Jaali is available in five colourways, including a collection of functional neutrals of subtle ivory on cream, mushroom and charcoal, as well as a directional pallet of lettuce with turquoise and paprika with ivory.

Woven Image

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