Genius, Friendly Tiles®

Signature Floorconcepts Genius carpet tiles feature colour fast solution dyed nylon fibre and a low, tight pile that resists crushing and wear. These tiles deliver outstanding soil and stain resistance and provide great durability in commercial installations.

Genius Friendly Tiles® carry the highly regarded Ecospecifier GreenTag® GreenRate Level ’A’ certification. This assures you 100% available points for any Green Star project in the materials calculators and additional points in the area of Indoor Environment Quality. This applies to both our ‘Friendly Bak™’ and ‘Comfi Bak®’ options.

Signature Floorconcepts

Signature Floorconcepts specialises in tailored flooring concepts across many product categories and industry sectors. Sourcing the latest technological and manufacturing advances across the globe, the Signature range of flooring products sets the benchmarks for the flooring indu...
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