IXL Tastic Neo range

IXL’s Tastic Neo range of innovative products blend cutting-edge technology with understated sophistication to give you a light-filled, evenly heated, well ventilated bathroom.

The unobtrusive design conceals tungsten halogen heating lamps with improved heating efficiency and directional downlights that brighten the spaces you choose to heat. And an in-line extraction system that vents directly outside the home means no unwanted draughts, just dry, even heat.

Products in the Tastic Neo range include:
• Tastic Neo Single Remote Control
• Tastic Neo Single Hardwired
• Tastic Neo Dual Hardwired

Sampford IXL

Sampford IXL was conceived out of the merger between two longstanding, premium and family owned Australian companies – Sampford & Staff and IXL Appliances. Dedicated to offering products for the home which are not only technically and functionally excellent, but which raise ...
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