ORIGAMI is a luxurious, textured wallcovering from the INSTYLE Natural Wallcoverings collection.

The random geometric pattern is created from hand cut Paulowina veneer pieces that are overlayed onto a recycled paper backing. While the veneer has a matt finish, there is a reflective quality to ORIGAMI as the light catches the veneer grain at different angles. Depending on the colourway, this effect can be subtle or more distinctive. As with all random pattern wallcoverings, a panel effect will be created from multiple drops.

ORIGAMI is available in eight ‘natural wash’ colourways, including Spruce, Birch and Teak. Not only a great alternative to veneer joinery, ORIGAMI‘s natural beauty can provide a striking feature or subtle backdrop to hotels, restaurants, public spaces and corporate offices as well as retail stores and private residences.

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