Pura Vida

In this product line, a fusion of two materials creates a poetry of White and Chrome.
Unexpected, precise, perfect and refined. An aura of sensuality is created, leaving an impression
that is light and fl owing. This purity brings fresh inspiration: clear, beautiful and positive thoughts.
The distinctive lines produce details with a shine of uniqueness and perfection. The entire product line
exudes harmony, balance and confidence. With its outstanding design and a wealth of new product
characteristics, PuraVida is already an award-winning series.

DualFinish. An innovative and unique way of fusing two diff erent materials. The basin mixer is manufactured
as a single piece. In this way, the transition between the two surfaces is seamless – an indication of superior
quality and design perfection

PuraVida® basin mixer. Its shape commands attention and is an invitation to touch. The mixer’s seamless
operation complements its sculptural appearance. A pure jet of water is released. It conveys clarity and
an overall sense of grace and tranquillity

PuraVida® adds a new dimension to showering. The pearls of rain typical of Hansgrohe’s AirPower
technology wrap your entire body in a pleasant layer of water, creating that unique Raindance feeling.
The large shower head off ers the ultimate in Shower Fun. The QuickClean jets can be easily cleaned by,rubbing them with your fingers, guaranteeing the longevity of the shower. The Caresse function
mixes five jets together to form flowing waves of water, offering an entirely new, smooth and
powerful massage. Your skin is gently caressed and pampered.

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